So I’ve been remiss writing end-of-year recaps for a couple of year now in this long-forgotten blog. It’s 2019 and we’re almost closing out the 2010’s. I’m in my mid-30s now. I’m almost legitimately qualified to have my mid-life crisis even if I’m not sure I’ve even overcome my quarter-life one.

As they say, “Out with the bad, in with the good.” Nothing like a new year to get a fresh start. So let’s try that.

2018 sure had plenty of toxicity in a lot of levels. The country’s gone shittier. I lost some money in the cryptocurrency crash. Earning a paycheck is still tedious work. I’ve also affirmed that it’s impossible to avoid pillocks and assholes no matter what .

Aside from going through the year with a cheerful toddler and a loving wife, there were few things that excited me in 2018. Most of it was routine. As the New Year fireworks popped, the wife and I were just grateful that we “survived” the year.

Surely, plenty of my dissatisfaction is a matter of perspective. Plenty of times I have to remind myself that just a smidgen over ten years ago, I barely scraped by after a series of family tragedies and was flat-ass broke. Now, my own family lives in a decent home of our own and a balance sheet in the black.

It’s high time I try to shake things up and find a bit more satisfaction in life. The realist in me is whispering that I might be setting myself up to fail. Figures say that four out of five New Year resolutions fail when February rolls in. But I always like a challenge.

Here are some things I’d like to fix in 2019 and hopefully have a tad more fun.

1 – Stick to working within my billable hours

On the average, I spent 14 to 16 hours a day in front of the computer trying to be productive hacking away at work. That left me obese again, stressed out, and disgusted with writing. So this year, I resolve to worry less about work. There’s no point in the grind if it’s going to kill me. That said, one’s got to earn a living so I’ll still be a responsible professional but I’ll be pushing back on working beyond the agreed upon scope and compensation. Once I clock out, I’m spending my time on my self an family.

2 – Lose 20 lbs

I really need to commit to this. I’m not getting any younger and it’s getting tougher to shed off the pounds. I tried boxing and intermittent fasting in 2018 only to stop and relapse to eating unhealthily due to work-related stress. I’m at the point of now-or-never. This should be my last ditch effort to find my fitness and keep it once I reach my goals. My family history and genetics haven’t been kind and, at my age, I fear for what’s to come soon.

3 – Finish at least half of my gaming backlog

I’ve been amassing games during Steam sales. Now that we also got a Switch and a PlayStation 4, my list of must-play games also increased mightily especially with the PS exclusive titles. I’m a sucker for story and lore so I like to play the game franchises chronologically. Might seem a waste of time but I’d like to at least trim down my gaming backlog in half. On the upside, gaming relaxes me, that is, until I start with Bloodborne probably.

Onward to 2019!

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