After finishing my monthly online cleanup of my sites and accounts, I noticed that it’s been almost 10 years since I registered this domain. I’ve been blogging longer than that. Ever since I shifted away from online content development some 7 years back, I only found myself updating this blog whenever I had some strong opinions about something or severe boredom struck me.

A year ago, I also decided to clean this site from the truly personal posts. I’ve simply archived them locally to my computer and storage never to share again. Those aren’t public business anyway and friends can always hit me up on social media to check up on how I’m doing.

Anyway, as I was performing the routine maintenance, I noticed that there’s an accumulation of drafts. There’s around 20 of them ranging a variety of topics that I started at various times over a 3-year period. Such a shame if I just deleted them as some of them are just waiting to be finished. So as a writing challenge, I intend to wrap up and publish them.

They say it can be hard to follow up on an idea that you left for a while and for the most part I agree. But sometimes, the distance also allows you to get some fresh eyes and draw from new insights to finally wrap them up.

It’s funny how the drafts remind me of my strong sentiments about an issue and it seriously makes me wonder if I still feel the same about them. Time and a relatively open mind does allow you to shift perspectives over the years but we’ll see. So let me try and work on those ideas and clear that writing backlog.

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