I have always been a frustrated programmer. I did some school-level programming when I was in grade school and high school but since I decided to go to the liberal arts for college, it basically ended up being a skill-I-used-to-have. Tragic really especially since IT is probably one of the most exciting and profitable fields out there.

My compromise, in an effort to bridge my academic training and passion for computing is to work in educational technology. It would’ve been great for me if not for plenty of the crummy parts of the job.¬†Learning new programming has been an on-off thing for me since work typically gets in the way. But let’s see if I can finally squeeze in the time to finally get things moving in that department. Coding is a 21st century skill and I’d very much like to be able to cope still even for appreciation purposes. Until I do get the time, it’s supervisory roles for now.

I’m currently restricted from hectic field work, I’ve swapped tasks with a colleague and assumed game production duties. I’m quite happy, really. For starters, I still get to create something. I’m also comfortable with my skill sets and understanding of gaming to assume a supervisory role. I enjoy dealing with the team and push them to harness their kulit and transform that into something cool.

I’ve been perfectly comfortable with Flash game development before but now that we’ve decided to go 3D with Unity3D, I’m scrambling to figure out the essentials and the workflows, not to do the development myself, but at least gain the language I need to facilitate. Same goes with the requirements for Blender (since we decided to go free software).

Let’s see where this leads. The game is on.

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