This Mark Joseph Solis guy is just unbelievable. No one wants to see other people take credit for one’s craft. He went full retard when he lifted other people’s photographs, entered them in contests under his name, won, and took home the prizes acceptance speeches and all.

Oh how UP netizens erupted at the news of a fellow Iskolar committed what is considered a heinous crime in the academe. (Remember when we all were up in arms when a senator allegedly lifted his speech from sources?) Almost no one finds his apology sincere or valid (except for this guy, who is probably as whacked as Solis).

Society will definitely shape one’s own morality but it can never be used as an excuse to justify an act of this nature especially since Solis is supposed to be educated. His moral compass is obviously malfunctioning. And what has the University got to do with it? Why should he always be introduced as a “UP graduate?” Why can’t he just be a thief?

As a writer, teacher, and student of photography, I find his actions deplorable. As an orphan, I find his excuse unacceptable.

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