Willie Revillame can be the realization of the modern day Pied Piper. All the elements that come with the old legend seem to apply.

Too many bad things has happened with him in the middle – the Ultra stampede, accusations of lewd behavior and cheating, and now, child abuse. And yet, thanks to desperate masses, he still thrives despite controversy, luring his flock with the sweet tune of novelty music and wads of free cash.

I don’t quite see how making a fool of oneself for others’ amusement for quick cash ever bolstered Filipino pride or if it ever really helped anyone in the long term.

I have always disliked him and his seemingly skewed sense of morality. I find him despicable crass. But perhaps what I consider wrong about Willie Revillame is this – his mere presence in the media legitimizes a culture of self-deprecation.

I think that he should be made an example of. It’s about time media becomes responsible and accountable for once and it’s about time for Willie to pipe down.

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