How pathetic (my writing) life can be? It’s been almost a month since I posted something on this blog and it’s not even something worth reading. December has always been a rush month for everyone especially for myself since there’s usually a lot going on this time of the year.

I wanted to catch up on writing for the holidays but as always shit has hit the fan. Makes you wonder is Christmas miracles do even happen. I still view the Christian God as the angry god from the Old Testament and not the kind party party person whose baby image we celebrate round about this time.

But before I wax philosophical on Christmas, let me take one messed up issue at a time. First up, Facebook and friends. No matter what they tell you, the concept of friendship has been overly diluted by social networks that the word “friend” doesn’t hold much of its semantic sense as before.

I turned commenting on my wall for privacy purposes since I usually use it as a sort of microblog to vent and not really to connect to people. I also don’t put much stuff on it because there are just some things I don’t want to share with everyone. They’re information

Case in point. Birthdays. No one ever remembers birthdays anymore. With the detail unpublished, it’s not broadcasted as a birthday reminder. And with my wall commenting off, that only left more “traditional” avenues for people to express their regards.

Facebook has simply turned people into lemmings. See one person greet a person, and everyone simply. I’m not being sanctimonious, I admit I greeted people happy birthday thanks to Facebook reminders but at least I keep track of supposed good friends birthdays and try to express them in some other form and not just be a lemming on their wall.

It’s just messed up that people whom you consider very good friends don’t even remember that basic detail. Celebrated mine a couple of weeks ago and only a handful of people remembered. Which leaves me to think one of these things – 1) friendship is overrated, 2) Facebook has just made everyone lazy, 3) friends have just been busy, and 4) I’m no one’s friend for real.

I think it’s partly all three combined. 2010 has taught me one crucial lesson that Stone Cold Steve Austin tried to teach me when I was a teen – DTA. Sure, i’m an asshole to many but I’m a loyal friend. But hey, to every Jesus, there’s a Judas. And as the Christmas season teaches us – Jesus is in everyone.

Forget those hundreds of “friends” you have on Facebook, you’d be lucky if you have one of them willing to hand their ass out on the line. You can’t even trust even a handful of them to remember your birthday. But what can you expect on such a technology? Assholes beget assholes.

Happy birthday to one.

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