Just some reflections on stuff I’ve been busy on. Maybe it’s high time for me to put up my own management/marketing/business development blog.

On management

It’s always about people. No amount of book-reading will able to substitute for the things you can learn by actually managing people. One can read all the books on management and project management and whatnot but at the end of the day, the only way you can get the best output from people is to treat them as people.

As I mention in the English for the Professions classes I’ve taught – it’s all about context, your awareness of it, your strategies that adapt to the situation, and your execution of those strategies.

On mentoring

I’m trying to formally learn marketing these days. Figured if I’d eventually move on to business development, it’d be great to actually have some semblance of formal training about business.

The great thing about not burning bridges is that I was able to maintain a good relationship with my former bosses and they gave me yet another opportunity to hone my skills under their mentoring. It’s like taking a course with AIM only it’s free and it’s more personalized. Sitting in a “class” with just two other people, listening to experts is just such a treat.

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