I just violated one of my rules when it comes to credit cards (which is to keep only one) – I applied for another credit card. My first already card gives me a decent credit limit and a satisfying points system (with which I used to trump the nasty annual fee).

I thought I’d never consider but since I opt to make some of the larger purchases via 0-percent 12-month installment, that leaves me with used-up credit limits which leaves me with an unusable credit card. Raising the credit limit’s not an option since I’d rather keep it reasonable for security reasons.

Since my new bank account’s with Metrobank, I decided to explore what they have to offer. Lo and behold, they’re offering these – M Cards. These babies come in two variants – Free and Lite. Free offers no annual fees and Lite offers low interest rates.

Aside from those, M Cards also go with the promos and value-added features like:

  • Supplementary cards,
  • Bill payment
  • Balance transfers
  • Cash advances
  • Mobile banking
  • Personalized credit cards

I just hope my application gets approved and that they give me a decent credit limit.

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