It’s quite interesting how people view the Quezon Hall paint throwing incident yesterday. Facebook was practically a warzone between those who lauded the students’ move of throwing paint at a school official and those who believed that UP has really dumbed down.

As I’ve mentioned in a Facebook status post:

I wonder based on what “standards” are we judging these kids. Some of us call them “walang modo” and “bastos” but isn’t it just part of student activism? How far we you willing to go for our convictions? There will always be “better” ways of resolving things if we contemplate on the ifs and buts. Still, if most of us simply stand idly by, then who are we to judge a few hurled paint bombs?

Part of me appreciates the mischief and playfulness displayed by the kids. Activists elsewhere have done more “radical” things. Part of me thinks that there could’ve been better ways of addressing the issue. On a grander level, we can all debate about whether or not dropping the bomb on Hiroshima was the best thing the Allies could do.

We could just hope that we can get sidetracked by the issue. It’s simple strategy and tactics though. Never let your enemy exploit what you do to his/her advantage. I’m sure this will be used to direct attention away from the real ugly underlying issues that needed to be addressed.

How do you put out an oil fire? Start a bigger fire next to it. Self-immolation, anyone?

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