Many belief structures teach that money is evil. Even high school Shakespeare condemns financial ventures like usury. But these days, no one really seems to care. Anyone who has got monies can surely get you anything – even more than just a pound of stinking flesh. That’s why I’m all about the money these days.

Now, I’m one of the most scrooge-like people you’d ever meet. I always go for the cheap. I live way within my means. I feel horrible spending money. However, I have to admit that my money IQ needs a lot of work and I have made some stinking financial decisions over the years that I regret until today.

No use continue weeping over spilled milk (one can continue to bitch about that, though) so I have committed to redeem myself by finally exploring investments. I don’t have that much money with which to “play” around in terms of stocks and entrepreneurial ventures. Let’s just say that what I have can be easily wiped out by a good day of gadget splurging. (Haha!) But money is money and that money is hard-earned.

A wee sum I might have but one of the faults I made with that sum is that I let it fester in several savings account that earn a measly interest. Some even stayed stagnant for six months which meant I could’ve been earning higher interest had I elected to shift them to higher-paying accounts. Which I should’ve done ages ago when interest rates were still sky-high.

Today, I finally decided to give it a shot. I finally found time to go to one of my banks and shift some money around. I’ve been a depositor in that bank for the last 4 years now, the longest one of my accounts, and one of the reasons why I kept some of my money there is the familiarity I have with their friendly staff. With me, customer service goes a long way.

It was just a matter of approaching their accounts desk and ask about their current deposit products. The staff at the desk then showed me what they can offer with the money I have with their bank. Eventually, I was ushered in to talk to the bank head herself to discuss my investment options.

They had to admit that the interest rate do not really promise much these days but what did I have to lose by shifting my money, right? I’ve been missing out on value for the past year so what the heck. I’ll just have to save up some more to avail of some other options. I eventually decided on some decent-return packages, signed several few papers, and got my documentation.

That was the first time I’ve been given that step-into-the-manager’s-section-and-have-some-coffee-and-some-chit-chat treatment. And we weren’t even talking about any significant amount at that! Nice to be finally on the smaller percentage of the Pareto Principle even if just that instance.

Stark contrast to the second bank I visited where I had to open a standard savings account. I wouldn’t divulge the name but it’s one of them larger banks, that, perhaps due to their size, have gone way too impersonal. I came prepared with all the documentation with even more than standard amount to open the account yet they questioned me like I’ll be using their bank for some shady purpose. (Well maybe soon, when I rule the world. Hehehe…). If only I never needed to have an account with that bank, I would’ve left immediately.

Anyway, all in all, I’m quite satisfied with today’s results. The investment bug might have bitten me and I’m actually working on saving up for another possible investment for next year. I hope that’s a good thing.

Thanks to Ms. Anne, Deb, and the rest of the staff of Allied Bank Matalino.

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