I really needed to reorganize to get back on track towards achieving the goals I set out to do this year. I rarely ever miss targets ever since ever but the past few months got me disoriented that I lost my groove. I was still meeting the targets but I struggled every step of the way. I realized I can’t get back on track working like that.

Reorganizing meant that I have to keep my focus on work and meet my productivity benchmarks. I figured I was working on so many topics in a span of a day that I struggle to get my groove and my focus. The flaw with my previous schedule is efficiency. There are just so many sub-tasks when engaging a topic (say, when writing: reading, writing, editing, posting). An hour or two just isn’t sufficient for those tasks. There’s also the sheer effort of shifting from one topic to another unrelated to the previous. The main reason why I entered such a slump is my failure to adjust when my targets changed earlier this year. New goals need new strategies.

So, instead of rationing out my hours over a single work day, I configured my schedule to work with half-days (around four hours). That way, I can just focus on one topic, read all that I need to know, then write and edit as many articles as I can to cover. The four-hour span comfortably works for that. That way, I can also stockpile my writing in order to meet the quota for the next days when I’ll be working on another area. (Thank goodness for scheduled posting!) I’ve subdivided my workdays as well so that material remains fresh.

Tried it out for the past week and it seems to be working like a charm. Let’s see for the coming week if I’d be able to sustain it.

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