“Not I!,” says the me. At least not until I get a new Windows powered rig sometime in the (far) future. I’ll be interested in seeing how that shapes out to be though.

I have to admit that I was a bit shocked when Google announced the coming of Chrome OS. I know that they’ve been positioning themselves to take on Microsoft but I didn’t expect them to try and penetrate Microsoft’s core business this soon.

I’m quite keen on seeing how Chrome OS will be addressing the needs of the common computer user. Its emphasis on speed and connectivity basically covers most of those needs. But so does currently-available Linux flavors. So what will differentiate Chrome OS?

For the past couple of week, I’ve found myself using the Google Chrome web browser, ditching good ol’ Firefox. I sometimes miss the add-ons but figured that, given my computing needs, speed trumps bells and whistles.

Can’t wait to get more details on this in the coming weeks/months.

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