This blog has over five hundred posts already – a collection of my more than five years in the blogosphere. I’ve grown quite content with its low-profile as it’s not really my intention to publicize nor monetize this.

Ever since I applied the premium WPUnlimited theme, however, my blog suddenly got some pretty good traffic from search engines mostly because of the out of the box search engine optimization that it provided.

I never really minded that until I swapped out the theme to Compositio. I like the design way better than WPUnlimited. Even though WPUnlimited is customizable, I just don’t have enough talent to make it look this awesome. Because of the swap, I lost all SEO functionalities and to what horror. My blog traffic from search engines has been quartered!

Just as an experiment, I toyed with SEO on this blog. Since Composition doesn’t have WPUnlimited’s superb SEO, I opted to slap on SEO Title Tag and Platinum SEO plug-ins. Combined, they pretty much cover the functionalities I needed.

I just finished customizing titles and slugs of various posts. I know I’m sacrificing the already-indexed pages by changing these details but what the heck. Let’s see how this changes things.

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