It’s such a bad thing that the NBA playoff games air during the mornings this side of the planet especially if you’re rooting for the Celtics (at least until they get swept by LBJ and the Cavs, then I’d start cheering for the East in the Finals). I have watched almost every single game the Celtics played and with their penchant for overtime games and late rallies, it has been a stressful stretch for me as a fan.

Since most of their games air 8 PM ET (8 AM Manila due to DST), that meant I have to work as I watch. While I do get the work done (master multi-tasker here), I just feel so tired after win or lose for the Cs.

Just last game, I was so relieved and yet so drained after Big Baby sank the game winner. Game 5 this morning, I turned the game off when the Cs were 14 down since I couldn’t bear to watch a blowout (and risk my mood dropping until I get into a condition where I can’t work). Even if I did keep the show on, I would’ve been so riled up by the late rally and win that adrenaline would’ve screwed my body up.

I just can’t wait for the Cs to be swept by the Cavs (I’m pegging Cs in 6 or 7 versus the Magic) so that I could only care less after. Still, I’d be cheering on LBJ against the Rapist.

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