The whole span of watching the Watchmen movie, I was just waiting for Dr. Manhattan to scream that. I’ve read the comics before and I know that nowhere in all 12 volumes did Dr. Manhattan do that. But since he’s played by Billy Crudup and Billy Crudup played a guy who did that in Almost Famous, maybe it wasn’t too far-fetched to think so.

Anyway, watched the Watchmen movie and what can I say. I loved it.

Quite a lot of critics disliked it blaming the jumpy plot line and the unnecessary graphic rendering of Zack Snyder (there were still his token slo-mo bits reminiscent of 300) but I guess you have to be a fan of the comic to like Watchmen in the first place.

For those not wanting any spoiler at all, then don’t proceed reading.

I have to applaud the writing and development of the movie’s plot line. I think there’s no better way to synchronize the plot of 12 different volumes with shifting POVs than what they did in the movie. Still, I understand why Alan Moore (Watchmen was by Moore, not Miller, all you pretentious pillocks!)

I’m sure fellow geeks would now have a man-crush/crush on Rorschach (but isn’t it pronounced “Raw-shock”) with such a bang-on bad-ass translation. The swirling ink blots on his mask lent so much to the character. If Snyder’s the one who thought that, then he really is a visual demi-god.

A few more two-liner assessments before I jump into another work-week:

  • I love the soundtrack as well. It’s got Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Joplin, Hendrix and Cohen’s Hallejuah in a sex scene (finally, though I’m sure most would’ve preferred the more “orgasmic” Buckley version).
  • **** you, MTRCB for making weird cuts on that sex scene!
  • The “cameos” were superb as well especially Nixon and Kissinger. I wanted to scream “Bowie!” when his “cameo” in Ziggy Stardust persona appeared.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s resemblance to Robert Downey Jr. is so eerie in the movie that I half-expected Rorschach to find an Iron Man armor in his closet.
  • Watched it at Ultra 7 at Eastwood and I’m still wondering if the experience is worth the Php 351 admission.
  • Dr. Manhattan has got to be gay not to get a blue radioactive hard-on with Silk Spectre II hanging around in tight latex.
  • Another fictional evidence that husky men in glasses always get the hot chicks over them alpha male-types.
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