I really don’t know what’s with Los Chupacabras recently but for those who have seen them play and liked them, here’s some oodles of great news for you. Carl (their bassist) just freely “leaked” their recorded songs via e-mail and is encouraging us (the ones who got the mail) to spread the love.

hey everyone. this is what the chupacabraz have recorded so far. It’s been in the can so long that maybe it’s time that it got out there. i hope that you guys enjoy the album, and if you like it, then maybe pass it on to your friends, and have them pass it on. -carl

So here are all five songs for your listening pleasure. I’m sure their brand of music would have its cult following no matter how small or large it is. Click on read the entire post link for some streaming goodness.







Satan Rules


Sheila Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

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