When I started out this blog, I searched the cheapest web hosting package available. Like most newbies on a budget, I was led to Philhosting who claims to be the number 1 hosting company in the country or something. I didn’t bother with that since everyone claims that they’re number 1 anyway. What caught my eye was the price they charge for what other hosts provide (domain, storage, and bandwidth) at twice the cost.

For nearly two years I endured constant downtimes and horrible technical support. For you guys hosted by Philhosting, I’m sure you know the horror stories of finding your site down without any prior notice when you most wanted to blog. Try contacting their technical support and they’d reply with technobabble that wouldn’t fix your problem. Try calling their number and they basically don’t answer. This list can just go on and on. I have another story about them but I’ll reserve that for another time.

Getting tired of their horrible service, I finally decided early this year to move this blog to a new host (MSWeb). They might charge around Php 500 more in a year for what I was getting with Philhosting but having great people to talk to and get warned days before server maintenance and downtime is enough for that added price, I believe. Amazingly, my uptime meter almost always at 100%. And by God, MSWeb did apologize once for not being able to fix thing on time even if it’s just a spillover of an hour or so! I remember Philhosting always acting high and mighty for failing to deliver just about every time. Good thing I now have the luxury of spending that additional Php 500 a year.

Too bad, I wasn’t able to migrate all my websites just yet. Having gone the lazy route and just paid for the renewal for Sugoi Stuff, I let it fester in the bowels of Philhosting’s servers. We really don’t get to update it as often as we’d hoped since Team Sugoi has been quite busy with more profitable endeavors.

I woke up thinking “What the heck. My brain’s not functioning for thesis anyway. Might as well blog.” I was about to update Sugoi Stuff this morning when I got a database connection error. Since Philhosting never ever warns people, I just checked their site out for any “announcements.” Found out that they were upgrading all of their hosting packages to larger capacities (guaranteeing zero-downtime architecture) for literally fishball and gulaman money.

With the money I paid recently for their hosting package of 200 MB space and 8 GB bandwidth, they’re now offering 1 GB space and 25 GB bandwidth. I wouldn’t know if other hosts will be able to match this scheme (scam?) but I now factor in after-sales and technical support when it comes to purchases. By experience, Philhosting fails miserably on all accounts even with what they claim with their hosting packages as well.

Now I’m weighing the decision of blowing the Php1200 I spent renewing Sugoi’s domain and hosting and just move it out or try to weather this crap storm and just move it come December when my subscription lapses.

With three sites on a more expensive host, that figures to Php 5700 a year. I haven’t really tried making money out of my personal sites (though I’ve got AdSense working here and there) since I make my money problogging. But hey, Php 5700 isn’t cheap. I got to make money out of this.

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