As of today, I am embarking on the second longest writing work of my life – my graduate thesis.

My undergraduate thesis was a critical discourse analysis of the Inquirer’s representations of Fernando Poe Jr. in its editorials. It was a fun topic to write about. Nearly got me the best thesis award for the year but not quite. I was just thankful I was able to graduate.

Now, I’m on to the final stretch of my MA program. I conveniently passed the language proficiency exam in Spanish. Officially, I can only pursue thesis writing once I enroll in it this summer. I wanted to finish it as soon as possible but I don’t want to pressure myself in the midst of all the work I’m doing right now. Perhaps I’ll get things done and over with by 1st semester of the next academic year and graduate by October.

However, hacking away at a page at a time isn’t too shabby an idea. Starting today, I’m starting on a-page-a-day project. I’m projecting that my final output will be around 100 to 150 pages of manuscript so such a pace might help me finish earlier than expected. I just finished writing the Background of the Study section today (a couple of pages, at that).

Well, I still have to pass the initial proposal defense before I can officially run with the topic though I don’t see any reason why they should ask me to ditch it. I’m working on a critical discourse analysis of the representations of entities in blog posts on the de la Paz – Pangandaman issue.

So people who wrote about it, I look forward to contacting you for my research. I hope you’d help out a struggling academic. 😀

I hope this works.

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