It’s quite scary when you hear about the thousands of lost jobs these days. It makes you think about the stability of any job position in whichever industry. I have previously posed a question of whether the the economic crunch will have IT freelancers turning their sights inward to the local markets or not. However, even the local market doesn’t seem to be as stable as well.

Friends immersed in the local job market have already received memos and announcements regarding frozen hiring policies and austerity measures. Those, definitely, are concrete signs that money, in general, will be scarce this year. Imagine going to work the next morning and the first thing you see is a termination memo. Oh boy. That’d suck.

While the web content industry’s looking a bit resilient, no one can tell for certain if the stability of web work will hold. There are a lot of bloggers and other IT freelancers who rely on outsourced work that come from the States but if this trend continues, I have to admit that I am really concerned at how ugly things might get. I just couldn’t help but wonder if we can still rely on the same stability and resilience web-based media as a revenue source will be in 2009.

On a personal positive note, I’m very happy that Bloggy seems to be holding up pretty well. My boss said that he’d do whatever needs to be done to keep us afloat and there’s no reason for me not to do the same.
If your revenue stream’s your lifeline, then there’s no reason for one not to fight tooth and nail for it, right?

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