There’s probably not a day that goes by when someone I know complains about having a horrible boss. I mean, lucky is the person who have not had a stupid/power-tripping/arrogant boss. And since most of the people I know are smart people who graduated from UP, there’s that certain I’m-fucking-better-than-you-If-you-hadn’t-only-kissed-top-management’s-ass complex that most of them do tend to exhibit.

I watched Wanted yesterday with the Dearest and I’d have to say that, aside from the many inconsistencies of the film, it was enjoyable. And not just because of the adrenaline rush, or the stunts, or the special effects, or Angelina Jolie’s butt (damn, that woman’s hot). It tells you a lot about how you deal with life. Especially if you’re an desk/keyboard monkey.

Carpe diem as one of the movies’ theme (Angelina’s hotness, also one among the others), was pretty much summarized by the last line – “What have you done lately?” F*cking cliche, ain’t it? While the answer’s pretty obvious (“Wasted two hours of my life ogling Angelina Jolie, you dumb f*ck but it’s all worth it.”), it does, in some way, make you suddenly think of what you’ve been doing lately as a desk monkey. It makes you think of your own boss and those times you wanted to tell him/her to fuck off.

It also raises the question of how does one actually deal with things. Many of the people I know was like Wesley in the first part. They hate the routine yet trudge on daily. They complain in private but they apologize too much in public. Most would rather have a the graceful exit.

“Shit or get off the pot.”

Someway, somehow, I’m hoping that someone I know would do the fuck-off move done in the movie, smack the bitch (or bastard) boss with an ergonomic keyboard to match (since I have yet to know someone who has his/her best fried who’s screwing his/her mate). And if that person happens to have magic millions suddenly appear in his bank account, I’ll ask for balato.

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