I am a sports nut and I’ve been paying attention to a lot of sporting events this year. (Except for tennis, though. Pretty Russian players aside, never liked the sport.) I have teams that I root for and teams that I hate. Unfortunately for me, most of them fell on their way to championships.

Too bad, aside from the Olympics, there isn’t much anything more that I’ll be following this year until seasons start again later this year. Here’s my take for this year in sports.


The Boston Celtics are the NBA World Champions and in my opinion, rightfully so. Garnett, Allen, and Pierce are great players that deserve to get rings of their own. It would’ve been a damn shame if these three players would retire with the likes of Malone, Stockton, and Miller. But that didn’t happen, thank heavens. I hate Kobe and I guess with that performance, comparisons between him and Michael Jordan would stop… for the time being. Damn rapist.


I was rooting for the Colorado Avalanche, as always. I even did a short-lived series on this blog. Too bad they fell in the second-round of the Stanley Cup Finals to the eventual champions, the Detroit Red Wings. Pity since the much awaited reunion of Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg happened last season. Too bad both are just too old to whip up their magic to push them past the tough Red Wings line. Oh well, I just hope they bounce back. Super Joe deserves another Stanley Cup run before he says farewell to the ice.


I am an Arsenal fan in club football. Too bad they only finished 3rd in the tables in this year’s English Premiere League. They didn’t even flourish in their European Cup bid. Both contests were won by my ever-hated Manchester United (thogh I personally like Ryan Giggs and former Red Devil Ole Gunnar Solskjaer). Someone should wipe the smirk off Rooney and Ronaldo’s faces next year.

On the upside, “underachieving but talented” Spain finally struck the morpheme “under” in that label because they’ve finally gotten. I was initially rooting for the Dutch and the Spanish teams but the contest eventually came down to Germany and Spain. A tough call since I had to choose between Nazis and our colonizers but I am a fan of many Spanish players so I rooted for Spain. Good thing they won.


Manny Pacquiao won his match against David Diaz and I have to admit that it was one of his most impressive performances. As impressive as his run fighting local fighters ages ago. But I am no Pacquiao fan and I hate the guy. I wish that he gets his ass kicked in a loss before he retires to remind him that he’s still human.


So all in all, I hated a lot of the results but that’s the way games end.

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