I went to the ToyCon last Saturday and had an epiphany – it was not my scene anymore. That meant a lot given that I was co-conspirator of the UP Anime Manga Enthusiasts anime fair and yes, I was president of that org too. I mean, I still maintain an interest for some areas in the local geek culture. Enough to fuel my drive to be still part of Sugoi Stuff. But to totally immerse myself and enjoy it like I did years ago? Not anymore.

Perhaps it’s the people. As many veterans in the scene would note, it’s all about piss and vinegar and nothing more. Kids just have a lot of money and a lot of easy access to these things. Gone is the rigor. Gone is the effort. In any case, I really don’t care about these kids anyway. They don’t know me and I don’t know them. I hate rich people in general and that’s that.

So if not that, perhaps it’s the question of quarter-life crisis. I feel that I do not want to be 30 and still be spending all of my earnings on some collectible, forcibly intellectualizing anime, games, and toys, and engaging kids half my age in “debates” regarding trivia. In a few years time, I’ll be starting a family. I would just want to avoid the scenario where I have to pawn my mint-condition limited edition collectible to buy baby formula for my kid since I lost my job socking my boss in the mouth just because he said that anime is for losers.

Well, this is just my take on the matter and perhaps I’m just really more into exploring a wider world now.

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