I am an Arsenal fan. Blame it on youth and inexperience but they would’ve won the Premier League and the Champions League cup if they only kept their form, ultimately denying all the celebrations over at Old Trafford. And, I so swear that I hate Manchester United. I hated them since Cantona, and I hate them still (though former United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ryan Giggs remain to be personal favorites).

If there are two football clubs that make my blood boil in the English Premiere League, that would be Chelsea and Manchester United. Too bad they were the ones battling for glory in yesterday’s Champions League final. Less reason for me to keep track but I was secretly wishing that Sir Alex Ferguson’s boys would take an ass-kicking since between the two, I hate the boys in blue less.

Since I decided that cable TV isn’t all that necessary, my sister was getting her almost play-by-play from Dorian (hehehe). At the end of regular time, it was a 1-1 draw, that meant that the game will be decided on penalties (which, is, to this day, probably the crappiest way to decide a football match).

The result – 6 to 5 for Manchester United. John Terry missed a golden opportunity to clinch the win by hitting the post. Though I loved it when that bastard Christiano Ronaldo missed United’s third try. Hehehe.

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