Finally, after three months, my laptop is fixed and fully functional. It was around February when I noticed that my laptop’s hinges were shot. The ASUS service center was happy to assist me then but I had to wait for parts. So they just got my details and ordered the parts for me from Taiwan. My laptop is still under warranty so all I had to do was wait for the parts and for them to replace them.

The whole process should have just taken 1 month but ASUS Taiwan was uber slow in shipping parts here. And since mine was a factory defect common to all A8 models, there were a bunch of us waiting for the same damn parts. I can’t blame the service center since they’ve been awfully nice in calling me up to update me on the status of the shipment.

Last week, they called me up to inform me that the parts have arrived. Unfortunately, their Megamall space was under renovation and I had to wait for this week before I could drop by. I didn’t want to go to their Shaw office or their Makati service center since both are practically out of the way.

I finally got to go to Megamall yesterday (a great excuse to have lunch with Sugoi peeps – Flori, Kyam and her little sister Cathe, and Bry). So I left the laptop. Lo and behold, I was expecting for them to just swap out some bracing and loosen the hinges. When I got it back it sported a brand spanking and shiny new casing. And the keyboard was cleaned too!

One thing I was curious about, though. I left my lappie fully charged and got it back with only 75% of power left. That meant that they fiddle with it powered on for around 20 or so minutes. I have it password protected by I’m pretty much sure that they have override tools for those if they really did fiddle around with my lappie.

Did they try to steal porn? Hehehe.

Thanks to Ronnie and Emily of ASUS World.

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