I really appreciate Leerz’s work on the Noob.Killer tool (which has evolved from simply getting rid of the Taga Lipa Are virus to covering threats such as Baguio Strawberry). And I also appreciate him using my site for updates and announcements even if my site isn’t really a tech site.

Anyway, here’s another update to that famed tool of his. Aside from a few UI tweaks and added features, it now covers the following threats:

  • Taga Lipa Are/Hacked By Godzilla (and it’s other Variants)
  • Baguio Strawberry Worm
  • Yahoo! Worm (Sohanad)
  • Krag.exe (I’m Not The Only One)
  • Destrukto
  • w32dranyam
  • Funny UST Scandal(Avi).exe
  • SilentSoftech
  • Knight
  • VBS Capiz
  • Thank You!! WinZip123
  • iloveher.exe
  • display monitor.exe
  • ImgKulot (and it’s other variants)

Take note that some of these buggers haven’t been really addressed by bigwig security software companies like Norton, McAffee, and even the free AVG. So kudos and many thanks to Leerz for building something great and free for us Pinoys! Download and release details can be found on Leerz’s site.

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