For the past few days now, there’s at least one road mishap along Commonwealth Avenue. Since I live in the area, there’s no way to get to other places if not through Commonwealth. And since I drive down that road, I do get scared at times.

We might just have to thank Bayani Fernando with all the rotonda schemes he has put into place. Not only do a lot of motorists get their grim end smashing against those invisible barricades but that also meant there are no pile-ups or choke points. The only time I ever get to slow down is when I have to take those scary U-turn slots or when it’s 7AM at the Tandang Sora flyover. Speed junkies would probably like the idea but since you share the road with a thousand other drives with no idea of defensive driving, it’s like playing Russian roulette with five bullets in a six-shooter.

And what’s more irritating would be seeing banners of the president proclaiming that they’re making roads safer (at least I don’t see those banners now). There’s even this one billboard somewhere near Diliman school that says “Look up, young man! -God” (in black background and white text, no less) seems like a warning that if you avert your eyes from the road, God’s going to take you. It’s really crazy since you have the billboard does make you avert your eyes. Then you slam into a jeepney or bus or probably some crazy pedestrian who’s too lazy to use one of those pedestrian foot bridges.

I have to admit that the past week’s string of accidents has started to scare me a bit.

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