Good ol’ wormkiller Leerz posted this a while ago. This is supposed to fix that darned Funny UST Virus that’s going around. Just follow the instructions after the cut.

#Funny UST [Noob.Killer] Update

Again, with the storming news with the Funny UST [Sudden rush of people reporting it]

I was more than inspired to work on something,
I’ve been watching this Funny UST virus a few months back (when the reports where minimal)
those times, there were no CONCRETE information about it,

what’s interesting is the filesize,
there were reports that the ‘FUNNY UST XXX.XXX File’ was merely less than 300kb
and then the other host files, xmss, smss, lsass, killer, which were approx 3-4mb(4084 kb) , can anyone support this?

that’s really confusing, I mean, for a virus to reach those lengths,

I’ve researched enough, and with help from Sophos securities websites,
and of course, the present fixes to the said malware,
I was able to come up with an update for the noob.Killer

it scans for the the following files
xmass, killer, smass, funny ust /avi, lsass on various critical folders (and even folders which weren’t reported)

the thing is that, before removing the files, you have to terminate some processes on your tasks first, in order to do this, now, with that, there is a high probability that the user might terminate some critical system components, to prevent this, I’ve wrote an algorithm embedded in the noob.killer to do this efficiently,

not only it will close the task, it WILL also, do a smart check on reported infected files, for example, smass, and lsass, are valid windoez processes, merely closing them from the task could spell disaster, what more for deleting them, which some have suggested (to search the computer and delete the said files).

anyhow, unlike most of the noob.killer releases, this version will automatically restar your system (so it’s really important that you save all your work first, before even running the scan [or before even running the noob killer]).

the documentation is still unfinished, but the update is ready,
so enough blabber, and on with the Show 🙂

here are the links,

just run and click ‘FUNNY UST’

noticed that I made some visual revamping with the new XP styles 😛

if you have any questions with regards to any of my works, do mail me, or post here.


Viva Las Filipinas!

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