Other meanies have taken cue from that annoying Taga Lipa Are worm from months back and now we have this Baguio Strawberry worm making its rounds and plaguing our PCs. If you ever got this message “I am still waiting for the strawberry coming from my Baguio! Pls.. Help!,” that means you’re buggered once again.

In any case, our good friend Leerz is happy to help you guys out with this killer utility. He’s made these bunch of removal tools to clean them buggers out. I think it uses the same engine used by his famed Taga Lipa Are removal tool.

[link] remove.tla.hbg.tesi.lrz.txt

[link] NOOB_KILLER_JUICER.by.Leerz.p.zip
[link] NOOB_KILLER_JUICER.by.Leerz.u.zip

[link] KILL.[TA].TAGA.LIPA.NOOB.KILLER.by.Leerz.u.zip
[link] KILL.[TA].TAGA.LIPA.NOOB.KILLER.by.Leerz.zip

[link] NOOB_KILLER.by.Leerz.u.zip
[link] NOOB_KILLER.by.Leerz.zip


Run ‘NOOB_KILLER_JUICER.by.Leerz.p.exe’ or

Click the ‘Advanced Noob Kill’
on the New Window, Click ” ‘StrawBerry Juicer’ [Beta]”

This Killer is still in BETA so if you would please try it out and leave some feedback if it works. For more details, check this post on the Convergence forums.

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