Out of sheer distress, I was able to write a post about it. Call it a proactive measure but it wouldn’t bring my computer back to life. Sniff.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my trusted workhorse now has a fried motherboard. It’s like having your nervous system shot to shit. Sure I can just replace it but technically it’d then be a new PC altogether. For a telecommuter like me, my main rig is my bread and butter. It’s a good thing I have a spare backup rig that I will be using for now.

It’s quite a bit unnerving though since I’m really used to working with my main rig. I know it’s speed, the number of Firefox tabs it can handle, how many applications it can run simultaneously… Working with my backup just feels different.

Now I’m really contemplating on what I should purchase first, a laptop or a replacement mo-bo. The replacement mo-bo will be a lot easier to deal with given my financial situation but I’m also thinking whether investing on a laptop (which I’ll purchase through 12-month installment schemes via credit card) will be a wiser decision given that I’ll mostly be out of the house once school starts. So I’m really inclined to just purchase a laptop.

I’ll probably gun for an ASUS with their 2-year global warranties. A bit pricier than an Acer counterpart but I would rather invest on that additional year of coverage. With the work I’ll be doing, it’s bound to take a beating. Please don’t go suggesting to get myself a MacBook or another high-end brand. If I had the money I probably would’ve gotten it. I’m just recuperating from a financial setback. However, suggestions on where to buy would be gladly appreciated.

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