It’s a big news indeed as web giant Google decides to acquire or favorite feed management service, Feedburner. Funny since I have just finished a few tweaks on this site to make my burned feed the primary accessible feed for this site. The default WordPress generated feed was working okay but I want stats to go with it. Yeah pathetic with only 4 subscribers but at least I got to know there are.

I believe that many AdSense publishers have been thinking whether to make feeds readily accessible or not. One advantage of feeds is probably the way it delivers straight up content without the frills of hefty layout and ads (unless really provided by the service). I don’t know if this hurts AdSense earnings but I think it does.

However, with this acquisition, it is more likely that we’d see AdSense for feeds finally rolled out. Many feed-loving people may be pissed off with this and ranks will be split with this idea. But Feedburner has had its monetized feeds available to those with plenty of subscribers so I think it’d just be a matter of it shifting to AdSense type ads.

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