Olsen Twins Fish

With all the gossip blogs online, you’re bound to get some indecent piece of rumor. The latest one to warn me of the Apocalypse is this – Olsen as Bond Girls. If you’ve first heard the rumor, you’d probably be going “Aaaaaaaargh!” Hehehe. I did.

I’m a big Bond fan. I grew up watching those Bond movies from Sean Connery, to George Lazenby, to Roger Moore, to Timothy Dalton, to Pierce Brosnan, and, finally to Daniel Craig. So practically each and every one of them official Bond movies (plus Never Say Never and except the spoof ones).

And I must say I loved the new way they approach James Bond with Daniel Craig. He’s a mean and tough kind of guy. Sure, a bit deviant from Ian Fleming’s profile perhaps (which is highly subjective anyway), but it sure works. The next film, Bond 22 will still have Craig as 007.

While there is still no word on who’ll follow the long line of actresses to play Bond girls from Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) to Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the Olsen twins will be the greatest injustice they’ll do to the whole franchise. Sure, Bond girls may only be limited to T&A purposes until quite recently where Bond girls are given more substantial roles even if they are still required to show a bit of skin. And never mind the very playful names. Pussy Galore from Goldfinger still be my favorite name. Hehehe.

But the Olsen twins? Jeez. They don’t even have the right armaments to fill in the role. Even big boobed Denise Richards (as Christmas Jones) was horrible as a Bond girl and saggy boobed (but a bit classy) Halle Berry was so-so at best. Good thing, an Olsen twins rep said it’s just a rumor. Please, make it so.

Or they can just play 2 minute roles of villain-hags that get blown up by C4 just before the gun-barrel sequence.

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