By the way the Dallas Mavericks are playing right now, it’d be a horrible injustice for them not to win it all this season. They just notched a club record 15 straight wins. They stand at 50 and 9 a league best. Dirk is playing magnificently backed by legit stars Jason Terry and Josh Howard. And Dirk should really win that MVP plum.

With such a winning profile, they’re poised to reach the finals. The only thing that Avery Johnson should do with his team is to keep them focused and pray that no freak injury will hit anyone in his team.

Well, there’s no doubt they’ll be in the playoffs. But let’s see the Western Conference teams. So far the only threats within the vicinity are the Spurs and the Suns and maybe Utah. But the Mavs are the defending West champions and that should mean much. They’ve been deprived of a championship last season courtesy of D-Wade and the free throw line. They’re hungry. But this year may just be their year, and it should be.

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