It’s getting to be a nice meme among our blogs. First, I receive a note from Felize Mendoza who informed me about this little project of theirs – a group of Pisay kids with a project called “Pisay Meets World.” A very nice project and I’d like to congratulate “Sir” Martin for that.

I know that many of us in the blogosphere bear high hopes for these young men and women for our future. I’d just like to pimp kikyou_oneesama‘s take on the matter. She’s a PSHS alumna herself. You can view her post here. It’s more or less a personal take on her experiences and observations as a student and as an educator.

I do know (or am acquainted to) a few Pisay alumni. Some of them are outstanding beings, like kikyou_oneesama. Some are, sad to say, pseudo-intellectual brats who have wasted precious taxpayers’ money (those who fall under the “Mayabang. Maangas. Iresponsable. Nagmamarunong“).

Reality has shown us thatiskolar ng bayan has now become nothing but a title. Will our future grads become just bearers of the title or live up to that name? I think this country has had enough of Pisay grads and UP grads who have mooched and leeched the country’s resources (which either escaped misappropriation and corruption or were denied to our starving countrymen) and eventually forgot social responsibility. Those who choose to prostitute great minds to multinationals and foreign corporations for that fatter paycheck. Those who create no effort at all to give something back to the people who sponsored their education.

I don’t want to disillusion but reality will sooner or later. Watcha gonna do? I won’t be one to smother the hopes and dreams and grand ideas of the young kids involved with the Pisay Meets World project. I do admire and envy their idealism. But lets consider this a challenge to them. It’s a commitment waiting to be either broken or kept.

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