I’ve been rooting for the Heat since last and I still am. It’s tough to expect a playoff run with Dwyane out with a separated shoulder. But it’s not impossible.

If there’s one word to sum up the Heat’s lackluster performance as defensive champs, it’d be “injuries.” Key players have been down unhealthy. Shaq had a knee injury and he’ll never be just as nimble and quick as age catches up to him. Jason Williams has also been out for the better part of the first half .

Come to think of it, Miami’s bench isn’t that shallow. Let’s see, they’ve got James Posey and Eddie Jones – both of whom are effective scorers. Udonis Haslem and Zo Mourning are tough challenges inside. Not to mention, they’ve got the reigning 3-ball champ Jason Kapono to provide the outside touch. Still, the best option is a two-man game of Shaq and J-Will. Provided that they’d stay healthy, they might just pull through.

It’s time to step up and the rest of the team just needs to up the tempo and fill in the void left by D-Wade.

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