That’s right! So better lay off downloading the latest episodes of Smallville, CSI, and Grey’s Anatomy. If we all wake up with the Internet down on its knees, we all know who to blame. Get this, 60% of uploaded data from computers is P2P traffic swapping video data and YouTube and Torrent freaks are bringing the Net to its knees.

Most ISPs worldwide have expressed their concern on the immense data that is being streamed across the global network because of swapping video data. And this great bulk could even bog the Net down.

As for those who have thought that the Web will replace broadcast media, Google said that the existing infrastructure is not capable of sustaining the transmission of broadcast quality data through the Net. So no dice for WebTV for us for now.

But let’s face it, we all want to get things for free, right? And there’s no way anyone can just shut down their Limewires and Torrents. Ha! So if one day, the Net really goes down, I’d say that I hope my everything in my download queue are all 100%

Peace out!

And now, for a totally unusable website click here! (Not Safe for Epileptics)

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