I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox ever since it first made its rounds in the browser market. And by golly I haven’t really used Internet Explorer for quite a while. Why? Because IE plain sucks. As far as my experiences with CSS and web design, following web standards have always displayed the way I meant the page to be in Firefox. That’s not the case with IE.

And so is the case of my current design. I’m using WordPress 2.1 with sidebar widgets and I’ve followed CSS design provisions. It even checks out as valid both in XHTML Transitional and CSS in the W3C site.

Then again, I haven’t checked it out with varied resolutions. I know the IFRAME of Adsense ads will definitely affect fluidity but the design works quite well in 1024 x 768 setting in Firefox. I’ve tried it out with IE 7 (and since it’s mostly a cheap Firefox knock-off) it displays quite well too, with the exception of margins and the like.

But this afternoon I tried viewing it in IE 6 and then, boom! It struck me, a non-maximized IE browser really messes the layout up.

So for IE users there, I’m so sorry, but I just might have to suggest that you download Firefox (see my right sidebar for a link). That’d make web designers breathe a lot easier. IE is a hell to design for!

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