Strike Feb. 21 and Feb. 22. I was informed that it’s today and tomorrow. Crappy schedulers.


What can I say, I’ve got a big mouth (hypothetically, ’cause my mouth’s kind of small).

I’ll be speaking about game development to high school students yet again. Ok, last time was about Net and Web resources and this week, it’s going to be game development care of my former work. Heck, what’s an English major got to say about game dev, right?

I won’t claim to be the authority to game development. All I can talk about gaming are my own personal experiences playing them? But making them? Well I do have a few.

Before I was bumped to marketing, I was a writer/editor/game concept developer for TechFactors (what can I say, companies love people who can multitask). Plus after I got bumped back to product development, I was aiding our game developers in conceptualizing game interfaces and exploring technologies that we can use aside from Flash. So that’s a couple of things.

One critique I’ll be bringing to the table on my discussion is that the current groups Filipino game developers really don’t have the financial muscle to go toe-to-toe with US-based publishers. Say, how much would be 10 computer units with dual core and SLI technologies with the full array of tools for graphics work? A good two million? More? And those aren’t enough.

Sure, we got a good crop of freelancers, mini-game developers. But to try to go do a Halo or an FF is out of the question until we finally have some solid financial backing. Wasn’t Anito a failure of tremendous proportions (though I believe its a triumph of the Pinoy spirit and will).

Another is that, we really don’t have an environment to be a game development hub and I have yet to know/hear/see a Pinoy development outfit that strictly follows industry-standard practices. From game conceptualization to development to documentation to testing to rollout to support.

I just hope I work my wonders yet again. Any comments or ideas that you could share to the kids? Please share them here, I’ll credit you and even plug your website or whatever you want to get plugged!

Financial sponsors are also welcome. I’ll put your company name/logo in my presentation footer. Hehehe…

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