I’ve been a Heat fan ever since Shaq and D-Wade got it going. But what the heck, they’re the defending champs and they’re a losing team (with 19W-23L) with the All-Star Weekend looming. Blame it on an aging Shaq for missing out so many games to injury. D-Wade’s still dropping 28.4 a game (tied 4th with Ballhog Bryant in the league) and dishing out 7.8 a game. Impressive.

So last year’s buzz was all about D-wade being the next Michael Jordan after carrying Miami to the NBA Finals. Being dubbed as the heir to His Airness, Wade’s still far away from being “like Mike.”

I’ve been watching the MJ DVDs and I guess no one could come close to Jordan’s accolades. Screw Bryant and his 81-point game, he’s too much of a Ballhog. LeBron’s got his head too far up Microsoft’s ass (with his Windows Vista endorsements) to matter so far though his numbers aren’t that bad. Steve Nash’s more of a Bob Cousy than a Mike. Wade still has to tweak his inside-outside game (he better work on that 3) and try to shine during the clutch.

I know it’s best to take the young guns for who they are, but honestly, I miss Mike. Sure, those two 3-peats turned me into a Bulls fan just like everyone else then (I still am now, I love Kirk Hinrich). But you’ve got to admire the guy. Maybe he’s conceited and a bit of ballhog himself but he’s won them all.

Shaq’s back (though his 5 point – 5 boards comeback game was dismal and Zo’s done a great job in the middle since Shaq’s absence). So Wade’s got no more pussy whining excuse not to underperform. He will carry the team for sure. But how far will they go. Doesn’t look like the Heat would even make the playoffs with their record. We just might forget back-to-back championships. Something Mike never failed to do.

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