Boston Engineering guitar effects

Last time I wrote about Boston Engineering guitar effects, I pointed out how people from the PhilMusic forums said that BE effects and other audio materials are just re-badged China products for JB Music.

Here’s an update about the much lauded cheap-o BOSS knock-offs that might as well be BOSS themselves. Our much beloved effects are called Beta Aivin elsewhere and here’s a link to their latest products. Wow, they’ve got a new multi-effects pedal featuring an EQ, delay, and reverb too. Oh, and I haven’t seen their 200 series at JB too.

Though I think Beta Aivin covers only Boston Engineering amps and effects. I know that there are other Boston Engineering audio products out there. As for those, i don’t know which brands JB re-badged for them to sell. I haven’t explored the whole 3G Systems Group website to tell.

So to Salonga Music of Cubao, do us a favor. Please stop telling people that you get them from the US.

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