Holy cow! Yet another Dwyane Wade post. Hell yeah! I’m a Heat fan, remember?

I’ve unmercifully bashed last season’s Finals MVP together with a bunch of the new guys in an attempt to find out who will give Mike a run for his money as the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time. Given Jordan’s accolades, I doubt anyone will. So whoever comes close will be good enough.

After last season, everyone was quite convinced it must be that 6’4 guard from Marquette. This may come in a bit late as the game was still last February 1. But Wade made me reconsider that he still is.

It was against Cleveland, definitely against arguably the best all-around small forward since Scottie Pippen – Bill Gates’ poster boy, LeBron James. James was the Rookie of the Year in a celebrated draft class that included current scoring leader Carmelo Anthony and Wade. Pound-per-pound, LeBron would outclass Wade.

But that fourth quarter eruption was it. After notching 10 turnovers in the first three quarters, all seemed lost. Never mind if the Diesel is back. Just like Jordan’s torrid affair with the clutch, the 4th quarter is Wade’s limelight.

Check it out – Wade rewrote Miami’s team record with 24 points in the final quarter. Hitting pull-up jumpers, driving hard to the basket, and his old-school point-getter – sinking free throws. Finally closing out the game with Miami winning 92-89.

All Wade needs to do to prove that he is MVP material is to steer the Heat back to a winning record (still at 22-25). It’d be a tough call with Jason Williams still out with abdominal strain and with Shaq aging (who will never be as dominant as he once was).

Amazingly, Wade dropped two days after with 32 while dished out 11 assists in a win over Milwaukee.

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