After Heads: Whatever happened to the Eraserheads?

Being a child of the eighties and early nineties, I wouldn’t be myself if not for the Eraserheads. And it was really the E-heads who inspired me to self-learn guitar. I’ve bought all their albums (until Fruitcake) in cassette format (no CDs for me back then). Yada-yada. Bottom line is that I was a fan.

Everything was so strange when news of the original “Fab Four of Pinoy Rock” parting ways came about. Nothing more than bits and pieces of the infamous “cryptic text message” of Ely’s “graduation” were read, passed on and heard. Then the string of events that followed after – Kris Gorra-Dancel, Fr. Marcus quitting Heads for surfing, Cambio

No one really tried to press the matter and everyone respected that. But with recent shocker of Ely’s health conditions hit the news, I was one of the people who had the obvious “what if” in mind. So did a few others including the Heads’ longtime friend (and everyone’s favorite “-ism”), FrancisM.

But speculations aside, I still ask, what’s up with the E-heads? Will the so called Big R(eunion) be anything? I know that save for Marcus Adoro, everyone’s still active in the music scene. Raimund Marasigan has Sandwich (plus Pedicab and Squid 9). Buddy Zabala has The Dawn (and Peryodiko?). Ely Buendia has Pupil. And Raimund and Buddy still share the stage with Cambio.

But to all those who are wondering what more of the great Eraserheads epic could we all read and know about, I point you to this great article by Jim AysonAfter Heads: Whatever happened to the Eraserheads?

Image source: PhilMusic

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