I’ve avoided posting about David Beckham (ever since ever, and ever since I got the message from a fellow football afficionado). For one, I’ve never been a fan of Beckham. When everyone was raving his left foot, I was cheering for Roberto Carlos. Everyone cheered for Man U, well, I’ve been an Arsenal Gunners‘ fan since I was a kid. When he jumped to Real Madrid, I rooted for Ronaldinho and FC Barcelona.

But Beckham elects to pack his boots, leave Madrid and scoot over the American West Coast and play for LA Cosmos.

Okay so in the US it’s soccer and not the beautiful game of football. $250 million! And Becks says he’s all about “improving the soccer.” Oh come one. $250 million! Does this guy need more?

I mean Victoria’s got a not so humble sum from her Spice Girls days. Not that she needed it, her family’s wealthy even before Spice Girls. She has her own fashion line. Becks has played top-flight football with Man U and Real Madrid. He’s freakin’ wealthy. So it just might not be a “about the money.” “Might” is the operative word.

Let’s see the equation: LA + Posh Spice = David + LA Cosmos. Oooh.

So Dave’s got to be doing great for the years to come. Oodles of money. A (sorta) hottie for a wife. Lucky. But maybe he hasn’t heard the Pinoy rumor that the Spice Girls were transsexuals. Bwahahaha!

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