Shifting to some tech discussion, pardon for the shift in focus.

I have always been a fan of sports games in the PC. And ever since I got hooked in them, I always bought EA Sports titles. Over the years, EA Sports games had their ups and downs whether they be on gameplay, graphics, and the occasional bugs here and there.

Its competing sports games company 2k Sports has been a fierce competitor. But PC gamers like myself had no choice since only EA Sports had titles for the PC. 2k caters only to consoles.

I had been quite excited with the release of NBA Live 07, hoping that it would deliver its promise in making the virtual basketball game more realistic. But alas, to my dismay, it was rated less than a 5 by IGN with all the bugs and poor gameplay. Even hardcore NBA Live fans are disappointed, petitioning EA to create a patch ASAP. Here’s a list of all the brouhaha about Live 07 that EA is trying to fix.

Ever since I relegated myself as a desk monkey due to my work, my only semblance of physical activity is dunking over Ben Wallace using Dwyane Wade through my controller. Pretty much geeky and almost sedentary. My only wish is that when I get around to play, I would enjoy doing it.

NBA Live 07 is a very big disappointment and reading the reviews, I am quite hesitant to shell out hard-earned money to purchase a buggy game.

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