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Mozilla has released it’s latest update to its revolutionary Firefox browser with version 2.0. You may check and download it from its site here.

Ever since Firefox was publicly released, I have used it as my default and primary Internet browser over the unstable and vulnerable Microsoft Internet Explorer. I just loved tabbed browsing option so much since, personally, I hated too many items in my taskbar. Page loading and downloads also seemed to be faster with Firefox.

So what’s new with 2.0?

You may check out the release notes here but I’ll give my two cents worth on some points. I’m still exploring all the new possibilities with this thing.

1. Phishing protection

The release notes say that it has phishing protection against phishing sites. It does so by checking the site you visit against a list of known phishing sites. You get to help Mozilla by reporting phishing sites too! I haven’t really tested this one out but it’s another step in protecting surfers especially with all of those Yahoo! account phishing sites that propagate through Yahoo! Messenger.

2. Improved tabbed browsing

And they just find ways to improve on it. Each tab now has a close button unlike in previous versions where only one close tab button is found on the upper right hand corner of the window. This new option lessens my chances of closing the wrong tab.

3. The look

It seems more streamlined now with the gradients of white and silver creating a nice sheen on my monitor. Still the same GUI functions but look a little nicer.

4. Session restore

This used to be available only as a plug-in in previous versions. Now, 2.0 already has it by default. Meaning, if Windows crashes Firefox, you won’t lose important data by creating its own restore point. Complete with whatever input you have prior to crashing. No more lost blog entries in unsent form entries! Wee.

5. Web feeds

RSS feed addicts rejoice as Firefox refines its handling of feeds either processing them as Live Bookmarks and through other web services.

6. Inline spell checking.

Wee (yet again)! Now this might minimize my typographical errors in blog entries since I don’t get to proofread that much. It works like that option in Word where you get red lines under misspelled words. I haven’t checked if the lexicon is customizable and I hope it is. Now if they could only create a syntax checker.

7. A lot other stuff that I haven’t checked out.

I’ve pretty much gone through the new/improved features that I found useful based on my own style of surfing the Net. Firefox 2.0 just features good improvements from the 1.5 version though I personally think that dubbing it as “2.0” might seem to ambitious. It does feel like a 1.8 even with this improved arsenal.

I’d still be rooting for Mozilla to continue working on improving Firefox. And there will still be the many developers who are dedicated to share their two cents worth in improving the browser.

Take that, IE 7!

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