Why have I not thought about it?

Okay. I have graduate with a BA in English Studies: Language from UP focusing on Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as an attempt to specialization. A few professors thought (I hope they still think) that my undergraduate thesis is one of the best that the department had in years on the topic (I focused on the representations of Fernando Poe Jr. in the editorials of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for the whole of 2004).

Critical discourse analysis, according to Norman Fairclough’s (proponent of the theory) Language and Power published in 1989 views “language as a social practice.” It is an analysis of language in three levels – 1) the analysis of the text itself, 2) the analysis of the discourse practice or the ways and conventions how the text was produced, and 3) the analysis of the socio-cultural context in which the text was conceived.

Despite the very technical nature of language studies, CDA is a very exiting field as it combines the different approaches in dissecting language to observe how power relations are created or shifted in just about any text. Of all my courses in the undergraduate (or for the graduate level for that matter)

I have been blogging for quite sometime and I think what this blog lacks is a central theme. Much like how Angelo writes about so many things but is still the proponent of problogging in the Philippines.

This blog will focus on critcal thinking, discourse, society and blogging.

And peace hencefort.


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