When I was still active playing football, I really loved using stepover nutmegs to get past defender. That and rocastles. In any case, nutmegs usually provide the most effective results. Either I succeed in fake them or they miss tackles and clip me instead. Free kicks for us.

In any case, I am fond of alluding to sports cases, stories, rules, and concepts when analyzing things. And I now think and wonder which I could associate stepover nutmegs with.

A stepover nutmeg is done by stepping over the ball with one leg and hitting it with the other.

To narrow the motion down to the basics, you actually make two basic moves. One is to feint the result with one action then you gun for the ball with the other. Very much the same principle with any faking move.

In any case, I feel that stepover nutmegs have been the very story of my life whenever I try to avoid or to get around things. Seldom do I try always taking control of the ball with moving. I would rather pause, fake, lose the obstacle then go ahead unscathed towards my goal.

Shall I be doing another stepover nutmeg soon? Maybe. I am not certain yet.

In any case, people usually are afraid of obstacles. Facing them takes courage. Taking them head on, takes balls. Weaving around them, sembles skill.

As for myself, I always go for finesse over brute force. Weaving a trail of brilliance.

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