How Globe GoSurf charged me for mobile internet data


So I’ve finally gone through a month with Globe GoSurf and my billing statements have just arrived. I have two postpaid accounts that used to be on SuperSurf that I switched to GoSurf just this past month to see if Globe’s claims hold. Here are my findings.

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Pay QC real property tax with GCash

Quezon City Real Property Tax GCash

New year. Back in the grind. Coffers ran dry by the holiday splurges. And here is the government, reminding you of your civic duty. Business and occupational permits need to be renewed. And taxes have to be paid.

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How management rotted my brain


It’s 2015 and it’s almost 10 years since I formally entered the professional world. For the most part, I relished in the role of content creator. For some reason, I love sharing information and working as a writer and a teacher enabled me to enjoy what I did. However, my financial situation forced me to shift to pursue other things. Other high paying things. As with most career paths in this country, that meant opting for management.

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Built to die


Adulthood does bring a lot of change into people. Either you mellow out and start appreciating life a bit more or you become ornery and be the mean bastard yelling at kids to get off the lawn. I think I’m more of the latter. Given my temperament, I was hoping that I’d be the former and start chilling out. Too bad, I simply just find more bones to pick every passing year.

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Begone, 2014!

Here we are again, saying goodbye to another year gone and another year to face. Hence, here’s my obligatory retrospective and new resolutions.

2014 was a foul beast. For some reason, I’m not big on “lessons learned” anymore. I now believe that experiences are just there to bring more context to process things. It really felt that I gained almost nothing new over the past year as if I had been in a coma.

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