DOJ warns against “unlimited” internet claims


The DOJ has gotten into the mix of warning telcos about “unlimited” internet.

This bit of news came about just after I decided to queue my request to shift my Unlisurf and SuperSurf subscriptions to GoSurf. I figured since I don’t want the hassle of getting slowed down and that Globe will always find legal loopholes to slither their way out of providing true unlimited data, I’d bite the bullet and pay extra for uncapped mobile internet speeds. Or in the words that Mummy guy in Spartacus said, “convincing me to spread cheeks and accept deeper ramming.”

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Switching to Globe GoSurf


I’ve finally bit the bullet and opted to swap out my Globe account’s SuperSurf subscription to the volume-based GoSurf plan all thanks to the apparent enforcement of the FUP’s 3GB cap.

I have two accounts with Globe. Having recontracted in 2012, my account’s already using MySuperPlan. The other account is supposedly still on the old UnliSurf plan which promises unlimited internet. Never mind what details Globe promised unlimited back then, their apparent golden parachute clause in their terms and conditions enabled them to insist that even old plans are subject to the ridiculous FUP.

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Offsite shortsight

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I really don’t believe in the much-hyped offsite team building activities that seem to be totally the craze right now. I’m amazed at how many resorts and camps in the Rizal area are now turning into these adventure and action-sport venues complete with obstacle courses, ziplines, and paintball fields. I think it’s because of the boom of office work in Metro Manila make such venues for offsites just an hour away are ideal.

The rogue in me frowns whenever a company announces that there will be an offsite event where employees will be asked to engage in whatever physical activity to “build stronger bonds of camaraderie so that me can synergistically drive towards higher baselines and move closer to our vision.” I hate it as much as I hate saccharine corporatese.

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Globe now enforcing monthly cap on SuperSurf?

Globe, here we go again. I figured I could live with the 1GB per day cap and the last thing I read about the cap is that they weren’t enforcing the monthly data cap of 3GB. Last night, I received this notice from their 8888 line:

Hi! Did you know that your mobile internet usage for the month has already reached 1.5GB? Don’t worry, you can still browse at normal speed. This is just a friendly reminder that your data plan is covered by our Fair Use Policy. Read about it a Avoid reduced speed by tracking your mobile internet usage. Dial *143# and choose MyAccount or text SUPERSURF CHECK to 8888, for free.

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Measuring what?

Einstein Exam Cartoon

Albert Einstein said it best. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Ever since I posted an informative bit on the new DepEd K-12 Assessment Framework (KPUP), educators and parents have been leaving comments regarding their concerns. Many teachers feel ill-equipped to implement it. Many parents don’t seem to grasp it. Stories of supposedly smart kids now miserably failing at school are abound.

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